"Outgrow your

My training approach supports students and clients to create new and memorable habits through engaging training of the voice alongside a sense of allowing physical freedom.
With a consideration of current research trends in vocal function and human communication, I adopt an interdisciplinary approach to my work to develop bespoke client support on a case-by-case basis to meet the voice and communication needs of each individual client.



Presentation Skills

"Communicate with ease and confidence"

Executing a powerful and memorable presentation with charisma can be a daunting mission.
This comprehensive training includes advanced communication skills, maintaining a relaxed atmosphere while public speaking, addressing stress management when working with an audience,
and successful use of body language and vocal tone for an effective communication.



"Target efficiently and efffectively"

Communication skills are of utmost importance when working in sales and product marketing. From the moment you engage with a potential customer, everything you do is important and the smallest detail can make a difference in this competitive industry. Bespoke communication coaching can give you the right tools to make your voice heard, your point understood, your language inviting, and your product sold.


Public Speaking

"Minimise stress, maximise impact"

Speaking in public has been rated as one of the most common phobias throughout the world. Regardless of whether you are a beginner who doesn’t know where to start or an experienced public speaker, individual coaching sessions in corporate practical tips and training can enable you to use your voice and body effectively in order to capture and maintain your listeners’ interest and attention.


Corporate Training

"Empower your voice to reach your audience and your goals"

Handling a meeting, presentation, or interview within a corporate setting can make one vulnerable to unhelpful habits. Corporate coaching can ensure that you make a good first impression. Corporate training includes a large category of services including public speaking, leadership training, communication skills, and team management.
Please contact me directly to create a bespoke support package customised to meet your needs.


Accent Softening

"Take your speech to the next level"

Accent softening can be a challenging and daunting task. I can offer a thorough and systematic approach to modifying your accent while maintaining a sense of connection to your own voice. Having successfully gone through the process myself with success, I bring an understanding of the challenges that as non-English native speaker has to face when deciding to go through the process of changing their accent.


Voice Support for Teachers and Facilitators

"Be part of an healthy and inspiring learning environment"

Many teachers and facilitators use their voice every day without a comprehensive understanding of how to avoid the pain and strain that can come from demanding vocal usage. This training programme for teachers and facilitators focuses on maintaining efficient and healthy vocal use so that you don’t have to miss another class due to voice loss.
Communication skills can also be an effective tool to find ease and control in a busy classroom.


Interview Preparation

"Allow your authentic self to impress"

How do you make the best first impression to a potential employer and convince the interviewer
that you are the best person for the job?
1:1 interview preparation coaching can help to ensure you are confident and composed, communicating the best of your character when it matters most.


Media Clients

"Master every medium of communication"

Working with the voice in media has its own unique requirements and challenges – from working with a microphone to adjusting your posture and tone to the needs of the recording studio or set. Coaching support for media clients takes into account the environmental and technical demands of working in a variety of professional settings, which can influence the quality of your voice and the effectiveness of your communication.


Actors / Theatre Companies

"Breathe life into your role"

I can offer both voice and acting coaching services to actors that may want to prepare for an audition or just want to brush up on their skills. Workshops and master classes are available for theatre companies looking to tackle issues of speech clarity, audibility and vocal safety in rehearsal and performance.